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Get fit. Lean. Strong... and actually enjoy it!

At a family run gym that genuinely cares about you

Arena Gym

Reach your body, strength and fitness goals in 2022

Arena Gym in Kirkcaldy is a fully-equipped gym for all ages and abilities to reach their fitness goals and lead healthier, more confident lives.

If you're ready to work for the body and strength of your dreams in a friendly and supportive environment, we welcome you!

Since 2019, we've helped hundreds of people in Fife reach their best fitness, weight and strength in years. We're ready to help you achieve that, too.
Not Another Overpriced and Faceless Gym

Fit. Affordable. Family-run.

Equipment is vital to reaching your goals, but it's not enough if you struggle to get out of bed or to push yourself when training alone.

Arena Gym doesn't just give you the best equipment, it gives you the personal help and community you need to keep going when motivation runs low, all in an affordable package.

Our trained staff are always on hand to help out with your workout, diet and mindset questions!
A Safe, Non-Judgemental Gym

For all ages, shapes and sizes

Gyms can be intimidating for beginners or those returning after a long break. Arena Gym encourages people of ALL shapes and sizes to come in and work out. No judgement.

Our staff and members will give you nothing but encouragement and support, so you can exercise with 100% confidence. We offer full inductions so everyone can get the very best out of their workout and get you looking and feeling great . We also offer free programs that are tailored to the individual, again ensuring you get the best out of your training session .
Achieve Your Best Health With Us
Training for Something Specific?

All the equipment you need

  • Full free-weights area with dumbells (up to 60kg), barbells, benches, kettlebells, weight plates and more
  • Extensive cardio machines including treadmills, rowing machines, stair-master and elliptical
  • Fitness studio for classes, stretching and foam rolling
  • 3D body scanner to track your weight loss and body composition progress down to a science!
Get Fit Without Thinking About It

Classes that can help you get fit.

If you'd rather not stress about what to do in the gym you'll love our range of guided classes! 

Whether you want fast-paced spin, kettlebells or pump class, or would prefer to target legs bums and tums specifically, we have a class for you.

Plus, the frequency of our classes mean you'll find a class routine that works with your schedule!
Qualified Personal Trainers

No more guessing at what works

There are hundreds of workout routines, diets and exercises out there — which is right for you? 

Our team of qualified personal trainers mean you don't have to guess or waste time. You can get a tailored regime and guided workouts from one of our certified personal trainers.

Meet The Team Behind The Arena

Owner of Arena Gym in Kirkcaldy

Sally, Owner of Arena Gym

Sally and her son Jack are the heart and soul behind Arena, a vibrant  gym in Kirkcaldy that's more than just a place to lift weights—it's a community. They envisioned a space where everyone, from first timers to seasoned lifters, feels welcome and inspired.

At Arena, it's not about fitting in; it's about standing out. Whether you're sixteen or seventy, their doors are open. Sally and Jack are dedicated to transforming gym intimidation into gym inspiration, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their fitness level, can embrace the joy of exercise. Join us at Arena, where every workout is a celebration of what you can achieve.
Personal Trainer in Kirkcaldy

Jack, Fitness Instructor

Jack has been our full time level 2 fitness instructor for 2.5 years. Jack teaches many classes at Arena but Spin is his favourite. In his spare time Jack enjoys weightlifting and learning techniques on how best to build muscle.

Jack is working towards becoming a level 3 instructor.
Personal Trainer in Kirkcaldy Gym

Colin, Fitness Instructor

Colin is an experienced level 3 fitness instructor and has been for over 12 years.

Colin also has over 35 years of experience in martial arts and is a qualified Taekwondo instructor as well as being a Dru yoga coach and practitioner and in addition to being qualified in numerous group training classes.

Kerry, Reception

Kerry is our receptionist who works at Arena every Sunday afternoon, Kerry enjoys keeping fit by lifting weights and learning new techniques in how best to train.

Find the Class to Fit Your Schedule

Pick from our weekly classes and login below to book a class (existing members).

Ready to Join Arena Gym in Kirkcaldy?

See what current members say...

Michelle C
5 star gym in Kirkcaldy
"Joined the gym a wee while ago & absolutely loving it. The place is friendly & welcoming. Instructors are great. There is a good range of equipment.  Classes & gym suit me.

They take on board & listen to feedback & suggestions. I wish I joined ages ago as suits me so well. Prices are reasonable.

I can't recommend it enough!"
Tony J
5 star gym in Kirkcaldy
"Fantastic gym, very reasonable prices, staff are very nice, helpful and extremely approachable. Best gym in Fife!"
Claire H
5 star gym in Kirkcaldy
"This place is like a family to me everyone is so nice and always do there best to get u to ur goals. Love coming to class to see everyone and work hard. X"
Nathaniel W
5 star gym in Kirkcaldy
"Highly recommend arena, prices for what you can do is exceptional!, you have a variety of machines which are always clean, staff will help out with any questions or anything you are not sure of, so please try out arena gym"
Llavelle V
5 star gym in Kirkcaldy
"Best gym in town. Staff are brilliant. Wouldn’t train anywhere else!"

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Find the Perfect Membership for You

 All memberships are NO CONTRACT and have NO JOINING FEE

DAY PASS (Pay as you go)
Try out the gym and any classes for a full day, without paying for a full month
Full gym access for 1 day
Join any class during for 1 day
3D body scans available for £15
No access after your day pass expires
Try the Gym for Just £5
Access to all classes, gym and sauna between 6am-9:45pm & all weekend
Full gym access and specialist equipment
Choose from over 60 classes per week
Initial health consultation, personalised workout program and nutritional advice.
Qualified personal trainer (optional)
Sauna (separate male/female)
Coffee, snacks and protein available
1st 3D body scan is free, £10 each time after
No Contract. No Joining Fee.
Access to the gym between 6am-9:45pm & all weekend
Full gym access and specialist equipment
Initial health consultation, personalised workout program and nutritional advice.
Qualified personal trainer (optional)
Coffee, snacks and protein available
1st 3D body scan is free, £10 each time after
No Contract. No Joining Fee.
Or pay in bulk and save
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